Introducing OpenAI Japan

Our new local presence also gets us closer to leading businesses like Daikin, Rakuten, and TOYOTA Connected who are using ChatGPT Enterprise to automate complex business processes, assist in data analysis, and optimize internal reporting. ChatGPT also helps accelerate the efforts of local governments, such as Yokosuka City, which is leveraging the technology to improve the efficiency of public services in Japan. Over the past year, the city has gradually provided ChatGPT access to almost all city employees, and 80% have reported increases in productivity. Now Yokosuka City has formed a network with 21 local governments—including the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and the City of Kobe—to share best practices of ChatGPT use in government.

As a key global voice on AI policy, the Japanese government chaired the G7 Hiroshima AI Process and worked to implement AI policies that align with its goals for human dignity, diversity and inclusion, and sustainable societies, while helping Japan realize solutions to its rural depopulation and labor shortage. We look forward to contributing to the local ecosystem, while exploring how AI can help with these societal challenges in the region. 

Growing our presence across the world allows us to learn from a wide range of diverse perspectives, which is critical to our mission of ensuring AGI benefits all of humanity. If you are interested in joining us, please see our Careers page for all open positions.

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